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The McMillan Theatre - Streamed Events


We have developed our video technologies to be able to provide high quality live video streaming and production. Here is our upcoming events broadcast to you live from The McMillan Theatre.


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A virtual ticket allows you to to watch the live stream and you can watch the stream on one device at any one time via your account that you set up when booking your ticket

You will be able to watch the stream on any device that has a web browser. This includes your laptop, phone, tablet, and smart TV. We can't give specific device information because there are thousands of device combinations. For example, you can cast directly to your TV on most modern smart devices, you can plug in directly using cables such as a HDMI or more specific adaptor. 

There will be a live chat feed allowing the audience to leave comments, questions, and chat to each other during the stream. This will be monitored live, and some comments / questions will be selected and passed on to the band to respond to during the show.

There is another way to view your stream directly on native:

1) Head to 

2) Login using the details you set up when booking your stream access

3) Head to your account and click on the event 

4) At the time of the event there will be an 'Open Event Stream' button you can click

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